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Capture real-time customer satisfaction feedback and build physical - digital harmonization
Touchless Smiley Box

As businesses reopen, cleanliness and hygiene are paramount, and consumers expect comfort and control over their immediate environments. Now more than ever, collecting feedback in the moment of experience is crucial in learning how to ensure visitors feel safe.

Responding to current market needs while keeping our point-of-contact philosophy, we are introducing an innovative contactless feedback collector: The Touchless Smiley Box.

Benefits of Going Touchless
  • Continue to amass critical CX feedback where it matters, when it matters, while offering more comfort and peace-of-mind
  • Enable CX data collection in a contactless manner at the point-of-experience: simply hold a finger in front of the chosen satisfaction level and see the corresponding light flash
  • Show customers you are adapting to the new normal and innovating with the current times
  • Collect extremely high volumes of authentic and unbiased feedback sentiment with three specific points of satisfaction
Same Everything... with New Technology
  • Same mounting option as our original Smiley Box
  • Same versatile size and battery life
  • Same incredibly powerful analytics insights
  • Same connectivity and backend technology
  • Same actionable data through customizable real-time alerts
  • NEW Sensor technology for contactless feedback
Smiley Box

Entirely wireless customizable device that captures anonymous customer feedback at the exact point of contact, across all touchpoints in the customer’s journey. Remarkably easy, this intuitive plug-and-play device allows for unparalleled response rates to measure customer service satisfaction.

Increase response rates by over


Instant and Actionable Feedback. As the only real-time feedback collector in the market, our solution takes under 2 seconds for feedback to reach your front-line teams

Seamless and Frictionless. Capture the most authentic and unbiased feedback sentiment with only three possible responses in-the-moment of CX

Convenient, Anonymous & Safe. Pick from any of our 100% anonymous-feedback solutions for each unique touchpoint and prioritize customer safety with antiviral & antimicrobial coated devices

Limitless Customizations

Perfectly tailored display option for your unique business needs. Pick the solution that best fits your brand identity. Choose from a wall-mounted option, a customized voting stand, or counter-top option, each with your own branded question design.

Affordable Best-in-Class Technology

No heavy IT involvement. State of the art technology for an entirely wireless plug-and-play solution, at impressive prices

Intelligent anti-tampering. Thoughtfully designed to avoid fraud and filter out unreliable responses to ensure data accuracy

Long-lasting. Over three years of battery life and three years product guarantee

Get a Holistic View of your CX

Do not miss an opportunity to inform a seamless journey in the moment of engagement by revealing areas of inconsistent CX across both your physical and digital touchpoints. Offer your customers the convenience of choice, letting them use their own devices or reach them where they are at in their digital journey, across any channel, while maintaining exceptionally high response-rates.

Simple, Easy and Secure. Capture valuable and actionable real-time feedback sentiment with only three buttons on any device, completely anonymously and wherever you want

Get Fast, In-Depth and Contextual Feedback. Gain a deeper understanding of the 'why' with rapidly appearing follow-up questions or custom reason codes, and capture contextual input with open-ended comments

Unlimited Customization Options. Choose your channel, customize the design, ask one or multiple questions, include reason codes with personalized icons, add open-text comments, display live results or in-depth statistics at the end, and so much more...

Choose your Digital Solution


Take all that digital has to offer wherever you want to gather location-specific data with our Tablet solution. Customize your display and design by including your logo, changing the background or text color and make the tablet content and placement fit your specific business needs.

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