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Forrester FeedbackNow
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Gather feedback other than satisfaction with our host of alternative solutions
As Easy as 1-2-3

Gather customer feedback different to satisfaction levels. Get rapid and easy responses on your in-flight initiatives.

Test and optimize based on customer feedback. Know how in-flight initiatives and innovations impact your CX before roll-out expensive upgrades.

Unlimited use-cases. Choose and update questions for every one of your business needs, when and where you need it.

Give your customers a voice. Guide your decision-making based on customer feedback. Make your customers feel empowered by showing them that their feedback matters to you.

Call for Immediate Action

Poll for more precise answers – get straight to the reason codes for more granular insight. Set up the Call-to-Action devices in any area where you’d want rapid or instant remediation.

Add a Layer of Insight. Combine it with our Smiley Box to get additional insight into areas of poor satisfaction.

Get Alerted in Real-time. Set up thresholds for alerts that will mobilize the right teams for rapid corrective actions and immediate assistance.

Make it Your Own. Change the icons to fit your business needs, at the exact point of experience.

Affordable Best-in-Class Technology

No heavy IT involvement. State of the art technology for an entirely wireless plug-and-play solution, at impressive prices.

Intelligent anti-tampering. Thoughtfully designed to avoid fraud and filter out unreliable responses to ensure data accuracy.

Long-lasting. Over three years of battery life and three years product guarantee.