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Forrester FeedbackNow
Take your operations to the next level by pairing sentiment collection with noise management, foot traffic, and cleaning to increase operational efficiency.
Monitor and Manage Noise

Across many businesses, noise can be a determining factor in whether customers are satisfied with their experience at your facility. In hospitals, elevated noise levels impact overall wellbeing and patient recovery.

Improve HCAHPS scores by monitoring and addressing sources of noise so patients and families experience less disruption and faster recovery.

Correlate noise levels with real-time sentiment data for a deeper understanding of how noise levels affect patients and their tolerance for noise.

Alert staff and respond immediately when established noise level thresholds are reached to mitigate noise before it affects sentiment.

Discreet and minimalistic design. FCC/IC/CE Approved. Battery Powered* Lasts up to 16 months before needing to replace the battery.

Become Proactive by Monitoring your Foot Traffic

Forget long waiting times or dirty and over-crowded spaces. Get the visibility and insights you need to manage your customer’s satisfaction by offering an always-clean, frictionless environment. With the FeedbackNow People Counter, businesses can now organize their service operations and proactively respond to rapidly emerging issues.

Real-time Capacity Monitoring & Alerting. Track and analyze foot traffic and compare it across locations, times, and against satisfaction levels. Get real-time alerts based on traffic-level thresholds.

Deep Traffic Data Insight. Gain the understanding you need to evaluate how traffic levels impact your CX. Organize your resources more efficiently and proactively forecast needs based on trends.

Live-Share Capacity. Monitor and display capacity levels in real-time via screens to ensure safety and security of customers.

FeedbackNow Stereoscopic People-Counter
State-of-the-art technology system

Stereoscopic 3-D imaging more articulate than sonar or infrared - discern individuals & direction

Sophisticated and discrete

A small installation backed by our robust reporting and analytics software

No complicated IT requirements

Works with your systems and able to display via webpage

Do Away with the Archaic Sign-In Sheets

Innovative solution to track cleaning cycles: empower your cleaning teams with a click of a button and get endless reliable and traceable data for ultimate hygiene control.

In & Out. It could not be more intuitive: with a simple click of the left button, a custodian will indicate cleaning has begun, and then press the right button to record the end of the cleaning cycle.

Real-time Response. Get the right team member alerted directly on their personal device when an issue needs their attention. Let your team indicate that they are responding to the alert in real-time by clicking the middle button.

Correlate Cleaning with Satisfaction. Access comprehensive reports with all attendance details to see how your cleaning crews‘ work correlates with satisfaction results.