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Forrester FeedbackNow
Instantly Measure
To deliver excellent CX, collect and measure customer feedback to pinpoint emerging issues before they negatively impact your organization. Our customer feedback system provides Smiley Boxes and digital collection methods to collect massive amounts of meaningful customer feedback.
Intuitive devices allow organizations to achieve high customer feedback response rates
Our solution adapts to your environment thanks to our large range of wireless equipment:
  • Wall-mounted
  • Countertop
  • Stand alone
  • Leather folders / Cheque folders
Swiss made and combining IoT, wireless, LoRa, SigFox, GSM, and proprietary Radio frequency technologies
Our solution can be deployed worldwide without any IT integration. Developed and built in Switzerland, the robust construction of the Smiley Box ensures high resistance to water and impact, complete with a battery life of more than a million clicks.
Powerful and secure
Our solution leverages the latest in computing infrastructure, and is always evolving to meet new performance demands. Additionally, our data center follows the highest security, privacy and redundancy standards.
Fully integrated digital devices
Our devices measure satisfaction at every touchpoint. The physical and digital devices are fully compatible and interconnected at all times, each fitted with specific features including:
  • Virtual Smiley Box for mobile or tablet
  • Meeting efficiency add-on for Outlook
  • Help desk and ticketing Smiley solution
  • App and website add-ons
Tailored solution
Our devices can be tailored to fit your brand while our data consolidation can be customized to fit your organizational structure. Moreover, our equipment seamlessly integrates with your environment, complete with hassle free and cost-efficient implementation.
Reactive and dedicated support
Our worldwide teams take pride in delivering excellent service. With strong field experience and knowledge of a wide range of industries, we will help you get the most out of our end-to-end solution on anything from equipment installation, employee communication, training, visuals, and analysis.