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Forrester FeedbackNow
Make data-informed decisions in real time
Take Action and Optimize Operations

Drive new levels of customer experience that puts you ahead of your competitors.

Immediate remediation. Respond to critical issues before they escalate.

Increase customer loyalty. Continually optimize CX strategy and customer service operations based on real-time metrics to increase customer satisfaction and advocacy.

Show customers you care. Share live performance data results with customers to demonstrate that their feedback matters to you.

Mobilize the right people. Automatically route customer feedback to the right team to address issues as they happen and swiftly act upon service opportunities.


Reach and maintain high levels of customer service by reacting promptly to relevant performance shortcomings. With actionable information, use alerts to improve operational performance rapidly.

Use our alert simulator to test out alerts and identify the best threshold before rolling them out.

  • Red Peak
  • Floating % Satisfaction
  • Time
  • Traffic
  • Call-to-Action
  • Mobile App Push Notification
  • Email
  • SMS
Reactive and Committed Support

Implementation Strategy. We will help you align with strategy, identify best devices, touchpoints and questions that increase the value of feedback

Deployment. Expert and hassle-free installation, we offer both in-person deployment or remote service and walk you through the installation process step by step.

Training and Onboarding. Take advantage of unlimited hands-on training and onboarding for management and operational teams, as well as workshops as needed.

Customized Requests. Have a very tailored reporting request? Want to set up special permissions? Need a new product feature? We are dedicated to service excellence and here to respond to all your needs.

Ongoing and Dedicated Support. Our support team offers strategic advice to help you get the most out of our solution and quickly responds to any technical or knowledge gaps.