How to fully engage your customers
@ the point of their experience

  • Learn what your customers are thinking…..while they are still in your chairs
  • Turn your customers who love you into your top reviewers
  • And let your customers spread their love of you on social media
  • Turn your customers who weren’t happy into your promoters
  • Tailor your promotions based on what your customers think
  • Gain insight, build loyalty and stay connected to your customers…all in one place

All that FeedbackNow brings to your business
@ the point of experience

  • 3 Point of Experience tools that gather feedback and build loyalty
    • MySmartBillfold brings your survey and builds loyalty while your diner is presented their check
    • FeedbackOverWiFi brings your survey and builds loyalty as your customers log into your free WiFi
    • FeedbackNow Counter Mount brings all this to your customer’s check out process
  • Unlimited surveys and promotions: you create what you want, when you want it
  • FeedbackNow’s Intelligent Email marketing platform maximizes your marketing and loyalty efforts
  • Your business has total control over your surveys, promotions and data in FeedbackNow’s Cloud Based Control Center