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2. Analyze IN REAL-TIME

2. Analyze IN REAL-TIME



1. Measure Continuously

To deliver excellent service, measure your customer satisfaction and the impact of improvement actions immediately. Our solution provides physical and virtual devices to gather a massive amount of relevant quality feedback

Easy plug and play devices allow organizations to achieve high response rates. Our solution adapts to your environment thanks to our large range of wireless equipment:
-Stand alone
-Leather folders / Cheque folders

Swiss made and combining IoT, wireless, LoRa, SigFox, GSM, and proprietary Radio frequency technologies. Our solution can be deployed worldwide without any IT integration. Developed and built in Switzerland, the robust construction of the Smiley Box ensures high resistance to water and impact, complete with a battery life of more than a million clicks.

Powerful and secure. Our data center follows the highest performance, security, privacy, and redundancy standards. All data collected is safely stored in our own Swiss data centers.

Fully integrated virtual devices. Our devices measure satisfaction at every touchpoint with FeedbackNow. Our physical and virtual devices are fully compatible and interconnect at all times, each fitted with specific features including:
-Virtual Smiley Box for mobile or tablet
-Meeting efficiency add-on for Outlook
-Help desk and ticketing Smiley solution
-App and website add-ons

Tailored solution. Our devices can be tailored to fit your brand while our data consolidation can be customized to fit your organizational structure. Moreover, our equipment seamlessly integrates with your environment, complete with hassle free and cost-efficient implementation.

A reactive and dedicated support. Our worldwide teams practice what we preach in terms of service excellence. With strong field experience and knowledge of a wide range of industries, we will help you get the most out of our end-to-end solution on anything from equipment installation, employee communication, training, visuals, and analysis.

2. Analyze real-time

Our system delivers the right information to the right person at the right time.
Real-time data gives operational teams the necessary components to solve issues quickly and our powerful analysis tools allow a deeper reading of the results

Receive reports directly to your mailbox at selected frequency, filled with ready to use and relevant analysis.

Follow your results in real-time from your mobile device, laptop, or control room, making it the most convenient solution for you.

With alerts dispatched via email, TXT message, or push notification, our solution will recognize any changes in satisfaction and alert appropriate team members to take immediate corrective action.

View results in real-time, manage reports, run advanced analysis, and much more with our mobile application or web platform.

Integrate your data easily in your own data warehouse with our various APIs.

We encourage you to take advantage of our experience and let our team of service experts advise you and help to improve your own customers’ satisfaction.

3. Deliver impact

Our solution is built to help you in obtaining compelling results, so you can deliver excellent service daily

Accurate real-time data collection highlights the impact of each improvement action your staff takes, enabling you to concretely raise satisfaction levels day after day.

Our product is designed to make sharing results easy, creating awareness among employees and motivation for continuous improvement in customer service excellence.

Higher customer satisfaction levels have a direct result on the bottom line as satisfied customers are more loyal and likely to recommend your services.

Once satisfied with your results, publishing them creates brand awareness and certifies your service excellence.

Our unique methodology has been developed with one objective: helping you implement and sustain tangible service improvement. We don’t only deliver data; we provide a full service solution for your improvement.

Our team of service experts are available to help identify training needs and organize workshops to ensure you are getting the most out of your solution.