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FeedbackNow’s Anti-COVID Solutions
Feedback matters, Now more than ever
As businesses reopen, cleanliness and hygiene are paramount, and consumers expect comfort and control over their immediate environments. Continuing to collect feedback in the moment of experience is crucial in learning how to ensure visitors and employees feel safe in the aftermath of the current world pandemic.
Responding to market needs due to Covid-19, while keeping our point-of-contact philosophy, we have strived to build innovative solutions that make it easy and seamless to capture real-time feedback to inform and deliver on the promise of CX.
See our key product enhancements for the safety and wellbeing of all
Touchless Devices
Continue to collect high volumes of authentic and unbiased feedback in a completely contactless manner at the point-of-experience with our new Touchless Smiley Box: simply hold a finger in front of the chosen satisfaction level and see the corresponding light flash.
Antimicrobial Coating
All FeedbackNow devices are available with optional antimicrobial coating. This treatment contains an antimicrobic agent that helps inhibit the ability of microorganisms, including coronavirus as well as ample other viruses & bacteria, to grow on the surface of a material.
Capacity Monitoring Screens
Ensure safety and security of customers by monitoring and displaying your foot traffic & capacity levels in real-time via screens. Customize your screen display with pandemic-related best practices (wash hands, keep 6' apart, etc.)
Optimized Cleaning Cycles
Optimize your cleaning schedules for common facilities such as restrooms based on real-time traffic patterns and do away with archaic ways of tracking cleaning cycles. With our check-in/check-out solution, get reliable and traceable data for ultimate hygiene control.
QR Codes For Contactless Feedback
As an alternative to collecting feedback physically with our coated devices or Touchless Smiley Boxes, businesses can now add a QR code with their message board which will redirect customers to a virtual smiley box.
See alerts in real-time in a single Live Map view. Get the absolute best visual to track your customers’ satisfaction as well as cleaning cycles in your location, and take rapid remediation actions before satisfaction levels drop below your threshold.
Updated Signage & Questions
Keep your brand intact and show your customers you’ve taken all the measures you can to keep them safe by printing new and updated signage that helps inform them while still showcasing that their voice and feedback matters to you. Our services team is there to help you optimize the best questions to ask for your business.
“Since the beginning of the pandemic, although we have seen a drop in passengers, we have not seen a decrease in customer feedback. On the contrary, it seems that in this environment, people are more willing to give feedback on their experience. Our customers voices matter even more now, and FeedbackNow helps us capture the right data, at the right time, in the right place, and take quick corrective actions where needed.”

Delphine Hornez, Quality and Client Management
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