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Forrester FeedbackNow
Pivot before things go wrong.
Customer experience is determined by a host of factors such as:
Crowd Levels
Inventory Levels
Stock Market
Wait Times
Many More
Some you can control.
Some you cannot.
Visibility into all factors and how they interplay
With FeedbackNow Predict, clients can easily access and/or integrate with public & private data such as weather, foot traffic, and road traffic. Uncover hidden correlations and patterns. Act predictively, before greens start becoming red!
Correlate sentiment with any dataset
Add layers of intelligence to your existing sentiment data. Pair and analyze any dataset to gain insights into your business and operations with FeedbackNow’s API including factor data.
Create alerts and act before issues occur
Access any dataset tailored to your industry. Know what factors are likely to turn sentiment negative and act in the moment.
Improve CX before a customer knows there’s a problem
FeedbackNow has always empowered you to measure satisfaction. With FeedbackNow Predict, you can anticipate where sentiment is headed
Passenger experience is impacted by…
  • Wait Time
  • Occupancy
  • Foot Traffic
  • Gate Change
  • Flight Delays
  • Queue Time
Shopper experience is impacted by…
  • Stock Levels
  • Queue Length
  • Foot Traffic
  • Price Changes
  • Weather
Patient experience is impacted by…
  • Length of Stay
  • Staff Response
  • Staff Hours
  • Staff Turnover During Stay
  • Availability of Amenities