Improve the Real-Time Customer Experience

  • Leverage a customizable CX measurement solution across physical and digital environments that allows you to seamlessly collect feedback in real-time.
  • Capture customer feedback in real-time through a universally recognized system of red, yellow, and green feedback buttons.
  • Connect real-time CX across physical and digital service areas with a continuous stream of instinctual feedback from your customers.
real-time customer experience
  • View a constant stream of real-time CX data in an intuitive web platform or mobile app and use powerful analysis tools to identify opportunities with CX.
  • Protect your brand by addressing service issues quickly with real-time trend alerts for when customer feedback drops below specified thresholds.
  • Pinpoint emerging issues down to the time and place of customer feedback to proactively identify opportunity areas with customer experience.
  • Gather feedback and drive alignment among your team and staff on customer experience goals with consultative service from pre to post launch
  • Optimize your CX performance by identifying specific CX training opportunities from team to individual staff levels, empowering employees to swiftly address service issues.
  • Communicate results with employees in real-time via an advanced alerting system to mobilize your team to improve CX continuously
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